Nightly Calm

A good reason to read the full label on a box of tea bags can determine whether or not you will quickly doze off to sleep.

Part of my routine to wind down in the evening is having a cup or three of my favorite Twinings.

I cut the caffeine off at dinner time but a few weeks ago I found myself wide-eyed at midnight.  I thought one more cup of tea and that should do it. It was when I tore the bag open that I noticed the words ” decaffeinated” on the label.  Knowing that “decaffeinated” does not mean “caffeine free” I decided against that last cup.

I was so sure my “Nightly calm” was not keeping me awake, at least until now. I went to the pantry and checked an unopened box. The words “caffeine free” are on the front.

With a closer look, the answer to this sleep disturbing trick was because of my quick grabs off the store shelf.  Two choices of nightly calm with different plants are available.

In case you’re wondering about the taste and quality, they are both mild with great flavor


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