Sticky Fingers

Today was not a great day for me.  I have been stewing for hours and hope to feel better if I just get this anger off my chest.

I made a run to the supermarket today with a very short list. To avoid buying things I don’t need I didn’t even use a cart.

The produce department is my first stop where I grabbed a fresh pineapple. IMG_6807

Then I went straight to the meat coolers. There was a lady looking over the chicken so I stayed to her right side to be courteous.  Since I was holding the fruit in my arms after a few minutes I started thinking about how long it was taking her to select a pack of split breasts.  I edged in a little closer thinking maybe she would step it up.  That’s when I caught a glimpse of what she was really doing.

The chicken breast package looks similar to the leg and thigh package.  One huge difference is the price tag.  The breasts are at $4.99 a pound and the legs and thighs are at $1.00 a pound.

The lady peeled the sticker off both packages and swapped them.  So, she was getting the breast for the price of the legs and thighs. IMG_7151 (1) Wow, what a deal!

Taking a deep breath I thought to myself “she’s stealing”.  Do I stop her or call the police?  I was so flustered but kept good sense to not confront her.  Finally, she set the chicken packs in her cart and strolled off.  I grabbed my chicken and followed her.  I had to find a way to double check the sticker before I let the store know.

Next, she goes to the bread aisle where her friend joins her. They are checking bread stickers.  I stroll past them and peek into the cart.  I easily know legs from breasts, so the crime is confirmed.  When I get to the end of the aisle  I stand and stare at her with the” I know what you did look.”

Walking away was my next move, and it worked.  As I was out of sight she hurriedly went to the checkout line.  Next,  I come out of nowhere and get in line behind her.  I kept staring giving her the same look as I did on the bread aisle.

Her scam worked, the chicken package rings up without any curiosity from the cashier. Out the door, the crook goes happily holding her breasts.

I then let the cashier know what went on.  The management will review the camera tape and they will alert the store clerks of her photo and actions.  When she visits again, they will be ready to catch a thief.

Drama, drama, drama even at the meat counter 🙂


Thanks to ragtag community for hosting this word challenge

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