Citrus Avenue

Crystal River Florida

We’re on spring break here in the Southeastern USA and Florida is a hot spot offering mild temperatures and a good choice of relaxing vacation spots.  Since becoming an “empty nester” central Florida is a favorite with clear rivers and cool springs.

Crystal River
Kings Bay

Crystal Springs is located in Citrus County Florida on the nature coast.  The main Hwy is route 19 and 98, if you head south it will take you into the Tampa area.


The community highlights a coastal theme and its business district offers shopping, restaurants, taverns, motels, and recreation.

And if all the Florida sunshine makes you hungry and you stop for lunch, don’t be squirmish about trying some of the local favorites.

Thanks for visiting and there are some great spring walks over at Jo’s Monday walk

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  1. I was over on that coast a lot of years ago! Further south, I think, at St. John’s? Our son was small and we were doing Disney and Cypressa Gardens, which is long gone, I believe? 🙂 🙂

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