Century Plant with Flowering Stem

American Agave-Hilton Head Island South Carolina


This plant caught my eye with the tall stem growing from the center. On the University of Florida’s Gardening Solutions website, they noted some interesting characteristics.

  • Century plants generally take 8-30 years to flower (not 100 years)
  • At maturity, the central stem grows up to 20′ tall
  • Pale yellow or white blossoms appear at the top
  • Most century plants will die after they flower
  • Their leaves are very large, reaching up to 6′ long and 10″ wide

Thanks to the sharp spines at the end of each toothed leaf, these plants should be planted away from anything they can brush up against.

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Cee’s flower of the day

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  1. I think they are amazing these plants, and love seeing them when they are in flower. They grow in the wild here πŸ™‚

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