Green Roofs

New York City-Manhattan

Rooftop Gardens, Tree Planting, and vegetation on rooftops and terraces are working to reduce urban heat and improve air quality.

While visiting New York City just take a look up as you walk along and you’ll likely see the trees and plants high in the sky.

Benefits to New Yorkers :
“Green roofs-or vegetation—covered roof surfaces—benefit property owners in numerous ways. They can improve quality of life, thanks to noise reduction; increase property values; and beautify a property for owners and neighbors. While there are up-front installation costs, green roofs reduce energy and maintenance costs by protecting rooftops and building equipment from excessive sun exposure during warmer seasons and increase heat retention during cooler seasons.”  

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  1. I love to see rooftop gardens. Recently, a TV program showed a number of rooftop gardens in London, so amazing right in the middle of the city. Thank you for using this for our challenge. 😉

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