Wounded Soldiers Healed at Secret Waters

God’s Acre Healing Springs

Blackville, South Carolina

On our weekly road trip, we mad a point to pay a visit to Healing Springs in Blackville, South Carolina.  Located on South Carolina Route 3, there is no way to miss the turn with the Healing Springs Baptist Church at the corner where you need to turn.  The entry door was dressed with greenery and flowers.  Just past the church, the spring is at the end of the road.


As noted at the site:

According to tradition, the Indians referenced the water for its healing properties as a gift from the great spirit.  They led the British wounded to their secret waters during the American Revolution and the wounded were healed. The historical property has been deeded to God for public use.  Please revere God by keeping it clean.


Before filling any bottles, I put my cup to the spout and filled it with the cold, pure water. It was so refreshing to drink.  Other folks there were regulars to the site.  I had to ask them about their experience with the spring.  One lady said she drives from two hours away, once a month to stock up.  She went on to say her husband has psoriasis and he puts the water on his skin and it keeps it clear. The others all said they would not drink any other water, and one lady said she does not drink anything but the spring water.

I always enjoy places where people and nature work in harmony.  I paused for a moment of prayer and thanked God for bringing me here.  During that moment I felt peaceful and heard a sound of swirling wind in the trees.  I felt God’s presence.


Let me tell you which way you need to travel to visit the spring:


If you’re on the I 95 or I 26 in South Carolina, towns close by will be, Barnwell, and Denmark and it is 52 miles south of Columbia the state capital.

Happy travels 🙂  get off the interstates there is so much to see!





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