US Route 321-

Estill, South Carolina


The I95 was at a standstill so the first chance we had to exit we hopped on South Carolina 321 and headed toward Barnwell to visit a few interesting sites. Any chance I get to not drive on the interstate, I’ll take it.

The rural community of Estill is 91 miles south of Columbia the state capital of South Carolina.  It has farmland, lumber yards, railways, and a Federal Penitentiary is located there.

I stopped to take a few photos and “Gary” who owns C&N Cellular and auto store was very welcoming.  He gave me a store calendar and told me the C&N stood for ” Chris and Nick” his two sons.  Small towns are so cool to visit, you can meet the friendliest folks.


CSX rail lines run through the center of the town.  There are local businesses on both sides of the tracks


On the way out of town, this weathervane is keeping a keen eye out for storm clouds


Afternoon thunderstorms are likely to be passing through this community during the summer months giving this weathervane a good workout.

A travel tip from me:

If you are heading south on I 77 through Columbia South Carolina, and are planning on using the I 26 E to connect to the I 95, think about this route if you’re not in a hurry.  It is a great chance to see a small town lifestyle, an abundance of historical markers, grand southern homes, cotton fields, the Savannah River swamps and much more.


Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 9.03.26 PM

Happy Travels 🙂  Get off those Interstates because there is so much to see





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  1. What a pretty horse vane. It’s really glowing. Thanks so much. I’ll include a link back to your post in next week’s challenge.

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