Identifying the spirit

Since my husband and I both think we have a unseen guest in our home we thought it would be a good to know who it is.  We have a sneaky suspicion of who it may be and are not at all uncomfortable with him.  Since my Mom always said that the spirits only hang around good folks, we thought it would be nice to know for sure who has paid us such a nice compliment.

Our grandson has an app on his phone that detects electromagnetic fields so we had him come to the house and do some hunting.  We did not tell him where the cool chill is but he came very close to the spot with a surge of activity.  What’s really strange is that the meter then said the word “explosive”.

Whether you beleive or not, the thoughts of a loved one close by is a good thing.

Stream of consciousness Saturday-Ask someone else

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  1. We often have visitors in our home. My mother has one attached to her that sucks everything around it after a while. It’s been with her most of her life but I don’t think it’s who she thinks it is. I can count the number of places I have lived that hasn’t been haunted or visited on one hand. I love the paranormal, so most of the time it doesn’t bother me. Other times though, scares me to death. Son hears and senses the visitors too. He used to see them when he was younger.

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