Visiting Germany just before Christmas gave me a unique gift idea, the Cuckoo clock. I had “Sweet E” my pastry chef daughter taking me out and about looking for the perfect clocks to suit the personalities of my other children. We looked at a few shops and then saw an advertisement for a vendor that was going to set up in town for two days. That worked out great because not only did they bring authentic “Black Forest” clocks, they also explained to me how they work.

Click here to read about mechanical movement of these clocks from Bavarian Clock Works.

You can set them for silence at night, if you are a light sleeper, or you can enjoy this delightful sound every hour.


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  1. So fun! I love the fond memories I have of my grandparents’ house that had lots of clocks that would chime all day and night long. I have one of theirs from the estate, but I haven’t been brave enough to wind it to see if it still works.

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