Cotton in the bottle



As I poked my finger at the wad of cotton trying to get it back into my container of low dose aspirin, I stopped to ask myself why I would do this.  It’s not easy to get it back out and if the aspirin is just going to set on a shelf,  the easiest thing to do is throw the cotton away.  Its only purpose is to fill the unused space in the container and keep the movement of the pills at a minimal.

Warm wishes for good health









One thought

  1. We take the same low dose aspirin. My frugal grandmother used to save that cotton to use for something else. She was born in the Depression-era and always saved anything she could. She was a great cook, but we were often skeptical about eating leftovers from the fridge…she would keep things WAY too long. Thanks for the remembrance you gave me of her today.

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