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Memories of sitting at the dinner table as a child, with everyone in the family present, stand out in my life.  The modern family today refers to it as “table time”, a valuable way to share the day’s events with each other.

While my five children all lived at home I myself found it challenging to juggle sports, homework and a number of other things to make this happen.  I kept focused on learning to cook new dishes and used creativity in meal planning for many.  The Crockpot was also my best friend.  Our dining out was usually for special occasions, or while vacationing.

Those days are now over and as empty nesters, we enjoy being waited on and experiencing a variety of chefs and their dishes.  Along with good food, good conversation makes the dining experience very pleasant.  We look for tables that are set apart from others and if possible have a good view.

Seeing a high chair may set off a flashback of spilled milk, crumbs on the floor and an occasional upset child with “ants in the pants” when the service was slow.  During those times I never thought we would “disrupt” dinner for other patrons.  Please accept my apologies!


Warm wishes