Third try

Finally, I sit in Atlanta Airport waiting for my flight to Munich. After cancelling this trip three times my Doctors cleared me to go. I’m so excited I woke at 4am, and I’m very tired. That doesn’t mean I’ll sleep on the plane because I’m wide eyed as soon as I click the seat belt. Maybe envy is not the best word to use, but those folks that can nod right out, wish I was one of them.

My daughter in law drove me to the airport . She was amazed at how efficient I pack. She suggested a blog post, with all my tricks. I will work on that.

I have snow boots, 2 coats and everything else I need for an unknown amount of time. I’m staying uncommitted because of my health and I don’t want to wear out my welcome.

Hope you all travel along with me. My “little bears” have some exciting outings planned.

Any tips for writing on the IPhone will be appreciated.

Warm wishes


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