Sleepy Head

Not everyone likes to get up and out early in the morning, I was reminded of this just today.  Looking at the thermometer on the porch and seeing a low 80-degree temperature and a relief of humidity that’ s all I needed to get geared up for a relaxing bicycle ride.

It started out great.  I rode for about one-half mile until I reached the main highway that has a bike path along the side.  As I approached I could see a gentleman riding on the path we would share.   This young senior appeared to be pushing the petal quickly, giving me the idea that he must be in good shape.  My decision was to hold back and let him pass so I would not slow him down.

After a brief pause, I resumed my ride.  The pavement was still damp from the midnight rain, and the birds were singing away,  It was a  perfect morning until I rounded the curve.



There laying across the sidewalk was a bike, then I noticed the man who rode ahead of me talking to a lady in a car in the middle of the road.  I rang my bell hoping he would move his bike out of my way.  Instead, he turned and rushed toward me.   That’s when I saw the blood running down his cheek.

While trying to assist him with a gradual move to a more comfortable area, he gave me a phone number to call his wife.  By this time the lady in the car made it to where we were and was gathering tissues to put on his many wounds.  I proceeded to call the number he gave me and calmly said to the lady that answered ” Hi, I am calling to let you know that your husband is fine but he had a fall and will have to go to the hospital”  There is probably not a right or wrong way to react but her response was ” Well, I’m not even dressed yet”.  Alrighty, “bye now” I have an ambulance to deal with.

The paramedics assessed the injuries and prepared the patient for transport.  They politely made accommodations for me and that’s when I let them know I was just a friendly passerby.  Leaning his bike up against a fence I offered well wishes and went on my way.

Four hours later the man called and thanked me. He had a dislocated shoulder and needed a few stitches but was going to be fine.

All is well and as my Mom would say “keep your shoes close to the bed in case of an emergency”






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