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Bitten by a lovebug

If you happen to be driving through the Southeast US  from August into September chances are the windshield and hood of your car is covered with black bugs.  During mating season (Plecia nearctica) known as lovebugs band together, swarm and make a sticky mess on anything they run into. Since both fly together it can look like a two-headed bug. They have black bodies and red heads and are a species of fly.

I happened to walk through a swarm of them tonight near the beach.  I am very careful not to swat them because they smash real easy.  I am all about respecting and sharing the planet with all of nature. even the annoying.  For the record they really don’t bite,  just tickle when they crawl on your arms and legs.

Good vibes your way



Posted in September 2018

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  1. I remember always having a “bra” on the front of our van when I was a kid because of them. They can certainly deface the front of a vehicle. 😃

  2. LOL – you’re so BRAVE to let them crawl on you! We have a bug kind of like that, but I’ve never been close enough to let them crawl…peace to you for your kindness! Enjoy your weekend!

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