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Awaiting Hurricane Florence-Edisto Island South Carolina

Edisto Island South Carolina is located just south of Charleston, South Carolina.  The island consists of full time residents, second home residents, and a summer destination for vacationers who enjoy a quieter less commercialized beach destination.  The Edisto Island State Park is one of four oceanfront state parks in South Carolina.

From the South Carolina Parks website: “Edisto Beach State Park features trails for hiking and biking that provide a wonderful tour of the park. The park’s environmental education center is a “green” building with exhibits that highlight the natural history of Edisto Island and the surrounding ACE Basin”  Click here for park information

Visitors will not find ocean front high rise hotels, an abundance of chain restaurants, or jam packed beaches.  You may even consider this destination as more of a “hideaway”.

The serene beauty of this island begins with the 17 mile two lane drive on SC hwy 174 designated as a national scenic highway.  Passing the Ernest F Hollings Ace Basin National Wildlife Refuge  and historical sites along the way.

Calm wind wishes to all in the path of Hurrican Florence, this island is under mandatory evacuation and is expected to be severely impacted by this storm.


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      1. I’m afraid the rain and storm surge are gonna be the dangers. My beloved Ocracoke Island is right in the crosshairs. Really worried about it. Next time we’re out there, it’s likely to look vastly different. 😕

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