One step closer

Easing into retirement

Here it is time to say “Goodbye August“.  The sun is setting much earlier on the Southeast Coast of the USA.



I’m coming up on another birthday next week.  In the past year I have acquired some new aches and pains but overall I don’t have much to complain about.  My birthday resolution last year was to start winding down my real esate business.  I am happy to say I have accomplished that.  I reduced my work hours by more than half and I am living a healthy balance of life at this time. Yay!!!!

I’m  sending  good vibes to all of you that read my blog and share your stories with me.  When I started this hobby, I really had no clue what I was doing.  At the same time I started a career blog named  “easyrealestate” to help folks uncomplicate the world of buying and selling homes.  Over the next few weeks I will import those posts to this site.   I promise to not take it personal if any of you find it terribly boring, but for those who may be considering a sale of a home or property, you may just get a few good tips.

Combining these sites is just another step forward for me to simplify my world when I reach full  retirement.

If you have enjoyed my travels and photo hobby , I hope you stick with me.  I have a some new places to explore and I’ll take all of you along.

Bee Happy🐝




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  1. Looking forward to the tips. We are considering moving to Europe to travel and live cheaper, which means selling our home. It has increased in value at an alarming rate, raising our taxes. Look forward to your travels as well. We may go to Spain and Italy and look at two cities listed as best places to retire, and then make some decisions. Portugal is still in the running, especially Quarteria where we spent tow vacations.

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