Delaware Park-Buffalo NY

Designed in 1868-1870 by Olmsted and Vaux

Hoyt Lake

This morning I ventured out early to avoid the high summer temperature and walk thru Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY.  The 350- acre park consists of rolling meadoland, mature willow trees, pine trees, and flower gardens.   The Marcy casino overlooks the lake and has a restaurant.  In the summer boat rentals are available.


From the website

Frederick Law Olmsted believed the purpose of green space was to “refresh and delight the eye and through the eye, mind and spirit.” Upon touring the City of Buffalo in 1868, he convinced the city’s leaders that not one park – as in New York City’s Central Park – but multiple parks would better serve Buffalo’s needs.

The Buffalo Olmsted Park System is composed of six parks, seven parkways, eight landscaped circles and several smaller spaces. The original concept for the tree-lined parkways and avenues was to link the six main parks and integrate the park system with the city. These parkways were designed to allow visitors to travel from one park to another without leaving the serenity of these green spaces. Olmsted wanted these areas to be “more park-like than town-like,” an effect he most certainly achieved.

In 1876, Olmsted proclaimed Buffalo to be “the best planned city … in the United States, if not the world.” Today our city retains its remarkable urban fabric thanks to the vision of this extraordinary man, as well as the support of thousands of Buffalonians and friends who enjoy the parks every day.

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery


The main entrance is located on Elmwood Avenue, as the gallery sits on the edge of the park.

Flowers and trees in the park


The 1 mile walk around the lake is a quiet pathway with shaded areas under the willow trees.  Pack a picnic basket, a blanket to sit on , and find the perfect spot.


Give yourself at least two hours for the lake path. I would consider this park  “family friendly” with lots of green space for the little tots to run and a few hills to roll down.


No hurries…take time to smell the flowers..

Bee happy 🐝



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  1. It all looks wonderfully tranquil, Alice. 🙂 🙂 There’s just so much of the USA, isn’t there? Impossible to know it all, but this looks lovely to have on your doorstep. Many thanks for the link. Have a great week!

  2. Buffalo has a lot to offer a visitor, but people just think of cold and snow. I attended Buff State in the early 80’s and returned last February as my husband had a business trip. You have posted a lovely, enjoyable overview of the park.

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