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Anakeesta-Smokey Mountains-Gatlinburg TN-


In an effort to escape the heat wave of Coastal Georgia, a trip to the mountains seemed to be a good idea.  It didn’t exactly work out that way because the high temperatures extended inland, but we kept looking up, hoping to catch a breeze.

We started our day on a chairlift that took us up to an elevation of 1290 feet.  As the chair  slowly moved along the cable above the rooftops of the homes below, my legs began to tingle.  I held onto the lowered bar and decided to just look straight ahead for the remainder of the trip. There was absolutely no way off  at this point.

The resort offers a small colorful village and a walkway showing off the sensational view of the Smokey Mountains.  There is a “blue mist” that hovers over the peaks and valleys that is formed from a vapor given off by the millions of trees and vegetation and the blue light of the sky.

Zip lining was a definite “no” for me

The Tree Canopy walk with 16 hanging bridges 40 feet above the forest was a “yes”

To sum it up, after tingling toes, walking on the edge, persons flying over my head, I do admit the bouncing of the bridges completely turned me around and I soon found myself not knowing which way I was going.

Anakeesta is a Cherokee word referring to high ground, literally meaning “the place of balsams”

As a mother of five I would rate this as “big kid” friendly , not much for the little tots.  I would also suggest the enclosed gondola cabin for transport up and down the mountain,

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Cee’s which way challenge