A walk on the wildlife side

Pinckney Island, South Carolina

Pinckney Island
Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge

Feel free to tag along on one of my favorite walking trails through the salt marsh of coastal South Carolina.  The island is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and has a 7.8 mile trail available for a leisure walk or bike ride.


Wildflowers are included among the Salt Marsh plants.  Sea-Ox-Eye, vines and Cattails that produce 10,000 seeds a year surround the ponds.


Low Tide

Visiting at low tide allows a great opportunity to view many of the marsh plants and shell fish.  Fiddler crabs, oysters and mussels can easily be spotted.


The Rookery


Wading birds that nest or roost include the White Ibis, Little Blue Heron, and Wood storks. Wading birds occupy as many as 10 nests per tree in the rookery.




Hurricane Matthew 2016 and Tropical Storm Irma 2017, left behind mementos of their visit to Coastal South Carolina.

Salt Pan Creatures


American alligator, preys on young birds that fall from nests in the nearby rookery.

The coastal marshes and waters provide 70 percent of the seafood we eat. Oysters, fish, shrimp, crabs and more.

I use caution when approaching the marsh areas and ponds.  During low tide you have a better view of your surroundings, and with a keen eye you may spot racoons, bobcats, snakes and turtles.




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  1. Oops! There I was, gazing in awe at all those birds in the Rookery, when up popped the head of an alligator. I shall indeed tread with caution. 🙂 🙂 Many thanks for sharing, Alice!

  2. I’ve been to South Carolina numerous times, but never to Pinckney Island. I love marshland, so I would love this area. I love the birds, but that alligator would scare me to death! By the way, I came here via Jo. 🙂

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