A nutty fix

Bad hair day
Gum stuck in your hair

It’s beach vacation week with the Grandkids and so far we have had only two slight mishaps.
Gum in the hair:
My first thought was to get the scissors out, but it was wadded up in the front about midway, and that didn’t seem to be the most practical solution.
Luckily, we had a jar of peanut butter, and I heard somewhere that it removes gum from hair and other surfaces. I scooped out a teaspoon full and rubbed it on the sticky hair with my fingers. I worked it into the gum until I could feel it soften. Next, I used my thumb and pointer finger to squeeze the gum down the strands of hair. It took a few times but it worked like a gem. It also left the hair shiny and conditioned.

Glitter in the eye:
Art kits keep them busy but next time I’m heading back to the Play-doh aisle. Glitter and glue are not such a good toy choice for two seven-year-old boys. They would rather throw it each other than sprinkle it on the sticky paper, and if a teeny piece gets in the eye, it irritates like a piece of dust. I took a chance of removing it with artificial tear drops.  Along with a cooperative little boy willing to assist in keeping his eyelid up, it worked. We washed away the glitter and the bugs from his germy hand that rubbed the eye.



So, there you have it….a few tips to help out with the kids..and a good reason to invite Grandma on vacation.

Bee Happy🐝