As I approached my big “60” I did experience some strange ideas.  There were days that I almost questioned myself and recounted the years from my birth.  Then there were the days that I woke up thinking I was had a dream that I was going to be “60”.  So, I came up with this idea of just staying “59”.  I  really I don’t feel “60” or how I visualize it, with flashing images of my aunts and uncles.  Yikes…… So, I may not feel my age and with a little help I don’t think I look it.  

The good news is I have all the knowledge I need to get through the rest of my life’s journey and will start sharing it for everyone.  I dusted myself off for the last time 3 years ago on my first day of staying “59”, and I stopped  worrying  about gaining a pound and I ate my cake, baked by my pastry chef daughter…