A colorful slice

It’s a piece of cake for “Sweet E’s Bakery to make a six layer cake


I’m just lucky enough to have a pastry chef daughter, who baked me a cake with six “layers” for my birthday.

Bee Happy ūüźĚ




Merry Christmas from Coastal Georgia/South Carolina


Travel tip….Huddle House is open for good eats on Christmas Day…..To find a location¬†https://locations.huddlehouse.com/search.html

Happy Travels ūüôā


Travel Florida for the Holidays-Ocala

Ocala Florida with its rolling hills, horse farms and crystal clear rivers, shows off the un-beachy parts of Florida

Two things come to mind for most people considering  a Florida vacation, first is DisneyWorld/Orlando and the second is two coastlines with miles of beautiful beaches.

This week I decided mix things a bit, if you have been reading my posts you probably figured out by now that I jump off those interstates as often as possible. ¬†Without a doubt this week is one of the busiest times you can ever be on the I95, and I75 ¬†through Florida, Georgia, the Carolina’s and if the weather isn’t to bad all the way up into the Northeastern States.


I traveled I95 into Jacksonville Florida from Georgia, ¬†then cut over to US 301South. There are many small towns but the speed limit stays at about 55MPH for a good bit of the trip. ¬†My final destination was the Rainbow River near Dunnelon, with of an urge to swim in the chilly 70¬ļ springs. ¬†But today we’re stopping in Ocala.

Having only a short two hour drive to Orlando the sight of sprawled out homesites, split rail fencing, fresh water streams, and hills makes this look and feel so much different than the tropical scenery of most of Florida. Ocala is a small city with a preserved downtown area offering an good choice of restaurants, entertainment and local owned business. ¬†We had an early dinner at the landmark restaurant named “Harry’s seafood bar and grill” , and yes I recommend it.¬†http://hookedonharrys.com/menu-ocala/¬†¬†¬†


The center of activity  was around Courthouse Square that was festive for the Christmas season.

And if you feel like “horsing around” , there’s enough of that too!

Happy travels…Get off the Interstates and visit the side streets…they are full of good old American charm..

Merry Christmas 2017








My un-sightseeing week in Buffalo New York USA

When most travelers think of New York the first thing that comes to mind is New York City, and the same ¬†for those that have never visited the state they have a vision of yellow taxis and skyscrapers. ¬†But there is so much more and on the Canadian border in western New York is the Queen City of the great lakes, Buffalo. ¬†The downtown water front overlooks lake Erie and as you travel north you get to view the rapid current of the mighty Niagara and then you will “fall” in love with the breathtaking view of Niagara Falls.

I will give you fair warning, choose the month of your visit carefully. ¬†If you’re a lover of snow most likely will not be disappointed between November and March. ¬†Also, remember the lake effect will cause the ¬†wind chill temperature to feel much colder than it is.


Early in the 20th century Buffalo was a robust city of millionaires, a port city of the great lakes and the Erie Canal, with grain elevators and steel mills overlooking the great lake Erie. ¬†If you are savvy in your knowledge of architecture you will recognize the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan and H.H. Richardson. Buffalo’s park system was inspired by Frederick Law Olmsted.

There’s a lot happening in Buffalo today as the canal side development downtown and the addition of the Naval park has the city back in the spotlight. ¬†At some parts of the waterside you an literally see another country. our neighbor to the north Canada.

Now for the best of Buffalo….the food….Oh my gosh..I have so many favorite restaurants so I’ll just list a few:

Anchor Bar…the home of the Buffalo wings (Main St. downtown)

Sanatora’s pizza (several locations)

Fazio’s Italian restaurant (Niagara Street-Riverside)

Niagara Cafe ,Niagara Street downtown-Puerto Rican food, the best chicken dish ever

And don’t leave without a peanut donut from Paula’s…..Happy travels…

Holiday Gingerbread house..Grand Floridian Disney World USA



Disneyworld is my “no doubt about it” favorite vacation destination. ¬†Living within 5 hours of Orlando makes it easy to visit at least twice a year.

This is one of my holiday tips for those that have not seen the Grand Floridian decorated for Christmas and the huge Gingerbread house, so make sure to jot this down.  Its just another beyond imagination creation of the talented Disney staff.

If you stay at any of the Disney resorts and take their transportation you can figure out a way to get on the bus that stops at this resort. ¬†It’s close to the Magic Kingdom and you can also take the monorail from the park to this resort. ¬†Fun for all ages and a great lunch stop.

Happy travels ūüôā ¬† ¬†For more info:¬†https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/11/fantastical-gingerbread-displays-decorate-the-walt-disney-world-resort/


You’ll like them…Snack on boiled peanuts


I didn’t stop just to take this photo but I stopped to buy the bag of peanuts. Oh my gosh they are really delicious and you can’t stop eating them!¬† It is not uncommon in Georgia and South Carolina USA ¬†to see road side stands with peanuts boiling away in backyard cookers.

The peanuts are green meaning “just harvested” and not the color. ¬†They are boiled in very salty water for 3-5 ¬†hours. The shell gets soft and the peanuts taste totally different than canned or ¬†ball park peanuts. ¬†If I had describe them I would say more like a garbanzo bean, at least to me. ¬†Keep a bowl or napkin close by ¬†to dispose the of the shells, and definitely have a cold drink at hand. ¬†On the advise of the locals a ¬†“coke”or “sweet tea” is the preferred drink.

If you’re thinking about an appetizer to impress your friends give them a try….

For more information about how to cook them here’s a recipe from Savannah’s own Paula Deen :¬†http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/boiled-peanuts-recipe2-1913519


Tipsy-reduced calorie cool refreshments


There’s nothing better than a cold beer or a soft drink on a hot summer day or any day really.

When I decide to cheat on the “unsweetened ice tea” I use these two ideas.

  1. I use 1/2 root beer or coke with 1/2 seltzer water or club soda.  Cuts the sugar
  2. I tried many light beers and I found this Budweiser Select 55, it’s really good and it has a lower alcohol content for the mid day snacking

Yep, I keep my refrigerator stocked….