Basilica Of Saint Lawrence

Asheville North Carolina

What is a Basilica ?

The title dates back to the early Greek and Roman times and referred to a type of public building. In the 4th century, Basilicas began to be used as places of worship. It was during this time that construction of the greatest basilicas of Rome were started. Today, the term Basilica is a special designation given by the Holy Father to certain churches because of their antiquity, dignity, historical importance or significance as a place of worship. To read more about this church and about its Patron Saint Lawrence (258 A. D.) click here

Ornamental brick design surrounds the grated windows.

Construction of the Church began in 1905 and was completed in 1909. It is located in the Downtown historic area of Asheville.

Architect: Rafael Guestavino

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This church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


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