A Positive Sign

Downtown Asheville North Carolina

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Monday Mural

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  1. I think just reading it makes you feel better and more positive 🙂 Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Alice.

  2. A takeaway from Ashville: The wife and I were at the Biltmore many years ago. We were way down below the Gardens walking along the river when the Rain Gods began to dump. We huddled under a broad Pine tree for a short bit until the tree was no longer an umbrella. We ventured back towards the planted garden at the area where stairs lead to the upper area. Niagara Falls it was, no man could walk up against the rushing water. We were soaked to the bone and circumnavigated toward the parking lot so far away. As we began to walk upstream a P/U truck with three Biltmore staff appeared and gave us a lift to our car. We sat in the bed of course.

    All our dirty clothes were in the trunk of that old Mazda, and you could get to the trunk from the back seat, which we did. We dried off with T-shirts, put on dirty (DRY) clothes and went on our way. I even remember where we stopped in route to our B&B for dinner https://www.facebook.com/LoneStarSteakhouseAsheville/

    Thanks for tweaking the 80 year old memory. Noiw, what did Mary Agnes want from Food Lion? theRooster

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