Space People Only-UFO Welcome Center

Bowman South Carolina

Travelers in South Carolina can check out this 25 year old UFO located in the small community of Bowman, a quick 15 minutes off Interstate 95. A gentleman by the name of Jody Pendarvis built the double decker ship in his backyard hoping to attract both earthly and out of this world visitors.

UFO Welcome Center-Bowman South Carolina

Time and weather has certainly taken its toll on the ship, and as a result would be hazardous to us earthlings to venture in, but maybe the aliens have special powers to land safely.

UFO in Bowman South Carolina

The remnants of the directional signs, control panel and rockets can be closely looked at from the road.

The idea behind building a welcome center is that alien visitors, earth people, and perhaps even “masked space people” could have a place to feel comfortable meeting together.

Let me share this video of the owner himself talking about his creation, and you’ll get a peek at the laid back town of Bowman in beautiful South Carolina.

Jody Pendarvis and his UFO welcome center

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying the sites of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina.


Bowman South Carolina is located off exit 82 of Interstate 95, 14 miles south of Santee.

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