Lounging On A Limb

Ogeechee River-Kings Ferry Landing-Georgia

You may find yourself in a bit of a “pickle” swimming to close to this fellow. We were lucky enough to spot him while fishing on the edge of the river. His colors blend well in the blackwater stream.

Ogeechee River Snake

We have a rule to treat all snakes as venomous because it’s hard to distinguish between harmless and poisonous when they are in the wild. Although my guess is that this one is a harmless water snake.

Mr. Snake

Take a look at this diagram and let me know what you think:

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Fandango One Word Challenge/Pickle

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  1. While it doesn’t appear to be a cottonmouth, I think your approach is the best. Treat all snakes like they are venomous, but also treat them with respect. They fulfill a crucial role in the food chain. We’re all God’s creatures. Right?

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