Storm Preparation

The Atlantic hurricane season runs between June 1st and November 30th. This year (2022) Ian is barreling to the Southwest Coast of Florida.

Here in Savannah we will likely see the effects of the storm beginning late Thursday as we are now under a tropical storm watch. The expected winds are 39-60 miles per hour which will keep the trees in moving and cause a whistling sound. Roofing shingles, falling tree limbs, power lines are possible.

I checked my storm kit in preparation of a power outage, and I’ll secure my outdoor ornaments and furniture. Along with my kit I have candles, matches, water, extra ice to keep the freezer cold, air antennae for the tv in case the cable goes out, emergency radio.

portable phone charging battery, bright light, and a propane burner to cook

To all those in the hurricane zone take shelter and stay safe.


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  1. Thank you, Alice, this is very helpful, esp. if anyone has not been through this. and great reminders for those of us who have.

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