Not Something You See Everyday-

I took a short drive to look for a new fishing spot I read about on Sunday afternoon. It was close to the Intercoastal waterway with many areas to pull your car over and be clear of traffic. 

Keeping my eyes on the single-lane road ahead, I saw the blue crossover with two people in the front seat. Just as they approached me, they veered to the right, not quite onto the entire shoulder of the road. It caught my attention because I thought, “that’s an odd place to pull over”.

In a flash, both of their heads flopped forward, and all I could think was that they had just died.

I was moving slowly and quickly found a place to turn around and ensure they were all right. My better judgment told me not to get out of my car, so I approached slowly, and sure enough, they were still in that same position with the car running and the lights flashing. I quickly called 911, and the dispatcher said another driver passing by had also called it in, and help was on the way. I waited as others stopped to look, and there was no movement in the car. 

Once the police and medical were at the scene, I thought it would be a good time to leave. The deputies were knocking on the windows, and I did not see the driver move, but I saw the passenger awake. Strange to see people driving along then fall over.

I checked the police blotter and could only pull incidents until August 15th. But I’ll keep checking because I wonder what happened. 

Ragtag Daily Prompt/wonder