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Riviera Theater-North Tonawanda New York

The Riviera Theatre and Organ Preservation Society, Inc. is dedicated to restoring, maintaining and utilizing the historic 1926 Riviera Theatre and its Mighty WurliTzer theatre organ, as a working historic theatre by offering a wide array of live musical performances, performing arts and educational opportunities.” For more information click here

Mural Painting
Wurlitzer Organ Mural
Riviera Theater-Wurlitzer Organ Mural

The Riviera Theater in North Tonawanda New York is a national and state historic landmark.

Tim Martin is the artist for the Wurlitzer Organ Mural on the brick wall of the 1926 theater. The entrance doors to the theater feature full length window panes to add light to the gathering area in the lobby.

Riviera Theater
Landmark Riviera Theater
#1 music venue in Western New York

The building and the mural keep the history alive.

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  1. A beautiful mural Alice. Love what they’ve put inside the mirror image. I see you caught the artists at work in the first photo.
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