Press One To Make A Payment

The caller ID displayed the number for the utility company that supplies our home electricity. It would seem unlikely they would call on a Saturday morning which prompted me to take the call. The automated message said, “Your electricity is scheduled to be turned off in thirty minutes; press one to make a payment.” Without much time to think, I anxiously pressed one to avoid that situation on the weekend. But as I sat on hold listening to “spa-like” music, I started thinking about it. From time to time, I messed up with a payment, but I was sure this was not the case at this time. As I continued to wait, I pulled up the website to review my online account. There it was as plain as can be, my next bill was not scheduled for two more weeks, and there was nothing due at this time.

Totally convinced at this point that I was paid up, I still wanted to talk to someone to avoid any confusion. When the gentleman came on the line he asked me for a credit card to make the past due payment. I told him I had reviewed my account, and there was no payment due. He was determined to swindle me out of money by saying that the records were not up to date. At that point, I just hung up.

masked phone number

I have to say this one could have been convincing since the phone number looked familiar enough to answer the call.

They almost got me πŸ™‚


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