Science Will Win

Eight days ago, I took the booster vaccine for Covid-19, which means shot number three. Again I qualified by age, and time passed since I received the second dose.

Fence mural during the Covid-19 pandemic

Since the second wave with the Delta variant is gripping the nation, the deaths are closer to home, losing co-workers and friends this time around.
I’ll admit I was anxious to take the third shot. My thoughts were weighing the option of catching Covid-19 and suffering its wrath or vaccinating and taking the chance of a rare side effect.
Time will tell. Twenty-four hours afterward, I had fatigue and a sore arm that stayed around for three days—milder symptoms than with the previous doses.

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  1. Good for you. I can’t wait till I can get my third shot. Numbers here are going down a lot but having that extra security would put my mind at ease.

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