The Last Step To Freedom

Lewiston New York

The Village of Lewiston, New York, located on the lower Niagara River, was for many the last stop on the Underground Railroad. But, with the help of the citizens of Lewiston that opposed slavery, help was waiting.
Josiah Tyron, who embraced people of all creeds and colors, was the leader of local volunteers and escorted fugitives by rowboat across the river under cover of darkness.

Josiah Tyron is displayed as the “station master” in Susan Geissler’s Freedom Crossing Monument on the bank of the Niagara River.

Josiah Tyron-Station Master of the Underground Railroad

After a long treacherous journey, a family has reached their final stop to escape into Canada. Their last challenge to freedom is the swift current of the Mighty Niagara. The width of the river at this point is just over one mile.

Lower Niagara River

Here is the information panel to read more about this gateway to freedom in the mid-19th century.

Freedom Crossing Monument Information Panel

The artist of this beautiful monument captures the emotions of the weary travelers and the hope of freedom that is now within their sight.

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