Hot And Cold Running Water In All Bathrooms

One of The Fifteen Finest Hotels In America In 1904

Hotel Lafayette-Buffalo New York

Last Sunday I enjoyed brunch at this hotel. Very much a masterpiece of its time.

Hotel Lafayette-Downtown Buffalo New York-red brick and white terracotta
The public entrance to the Hotel Lafayette

The 2012 renovation returned the Hotel to its original splendor.

elevator doors and mail chute Hotel Lafayette

Bi-fold phone booth doors

wood hotel lobby telephone booth

Stuck to the wall:

Old telephone
Early 1900’s telephone

President Theodore Roosevelt celebration:

President Roosevelts inauguration in Buffalo NY-historic photos at the Hotel Lafayette

To read more about the history of this Hotel Click Here

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  1. The hotel is beautiful and the corner door is a nice find. I love the photos from the inside, especially the mailbox and the phone booths.

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