Save Money With Bubble Heat

It’s been a busy week for me as I work on an apartment turnover to prepare it for rental. The folks that recently moved out had occupied it for three years so it has a reasonable amount of wear and tear as expected.

Something I always share with anyone interested in getting into the landlord business is that to make a profit prepare to invest both time and money. I made a rule for myself years ago that I would always do the maintenance and repairs that I was capable of before hiring out the work. It’s a good plan to keep money set aside for the big items like appliance replacements, plumbing and roofing.

To release a tenant from any further liabilities of a property a final walk-through is done. If all goes well the tenant will return the keys, and go on their way.

The property being discussed here is located in an area with a long cold winter. As we went from room to room I noticed bubble wrap on some of the windows. This really caught my curiosity and I had to ask why it was there. Although I have been in many homes during my years in real estate I had never heard that it is good insulation. The lady went on to tell me that it should be placed on windows that receive direct sunlight and the bubbles attract the sunrays bringing warmth into the room.

Another great thing about using bubble instead of an insulated curtain is that you will keep the daylight shining in.

I hope you find this helpful and look forward to hearing if anyone has done this and how much it saves.

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