Size Them Up

The day started out early with cloudy skies and a few sprinkles of rain. With our fishing poles, folding chairs, and ice cooler off we went to Squire Pope Fishing Pier on Skull Creek in South Carolina. The tide had just rolled in when we arrived hiding the oyster beds that snagged our lines.

Squire Pope Hilton Head Island

The weather was perfect and even though the fish weren’t biting we enjoyed the scenery and light breeze.

Fishing on Hilton Head Island

As the hours passed the tide receded and the sun peeked out.

Hilton Head Island

Still hoping and waiting to follow the rules, we finally get a nibble.

Saltwater fish ruler-South Carolina

And with the excitement of catching a fish, we know to toss this little fellow back because he is not ready for the keeping.

Croaker Fish-catch and release

Word of the day/keeping

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