March To The Sea Tragic Event

Historic Ebenezer Creek Crossing -1864

Standing on the edge of the Ebenezer Creek hypnotized by the cypress gum swamp one can only imagine the challenge to cross through the undercurrent of the black water. Covered with green algae that hide the home of the American alligator and many species of snakes, both good and bad. The creek is a tributary of the Savannah River and paddling through the swamp is quiet with amazing scenery and wildlife. Trying to wade through such waters would be difficult.

Ebenezer Creek-Springfield Georgia

On December 9, 1864 US General Jefferson C. Davis led his army along with hundred of freed slaves to swim the waters and escape the pursuing Confederate soldiers. Many drowned and there was a public outcry. President Lincoln along with other leaders avoided a tirade by enacting General Sherman’s special field orders.

Georgia Historical Marker

The photos of the creek are close to the crossing area.

Naturally beautiful Ebenezer Creek
Cypress Gum Swamp in Georgia

May they Rest In Peace


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