Leave Your Drama Outside

Savannah Georgia

Hi friends and thanks for stopping by. The camellias, azaleas and so many flowering trees are in full bloom and that inspired me to walk through Forsyth Park. On my way, I picked up a few doors for you all to enjoy. Savannah is never disappointing.

Leave your drama outside
Paneled door in Savannah
Savannah doors
Umbrella reminder

I just had to photograph this beautiful home to share with you:

Forsyth Park area-Savannah Georgia

Savannah is a year-round visitor destination with mild winters. Springtime is fragrant with a canvas of color.

Whitaker Street-Savannah
Whitaker Street entrance to Forsyth Park Savannah

Have a great day and for more doors from around the world click on the link below

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9 thoughts

  1. I love the corner door and the sign you got the title from. That’s a perfect message for these times.

    I was only in Savanna once, but I remember it being beautiful. Thanks for sharing the evidence of that today.

  2. I left you a comment yesterday but WordPress ate up several comments I posted in a row. This is another attempt.

    Just glorious. This looks like the best time to visit Savannah, and I’d love to have this sign.

  3. That first door is beautiful, and those buildings and trees are stunning.

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