The Tree Spirit

Deep In The South Georgia Swamp-Liberty County

The heavy rain this past weekend sits in puddles on the trail bordered by the blackwater swamp.

Walking trail to Floodgate pond

Sneakers were not the best choice of shoes for this morning’s walk. It took no time at all for my socks and insoles to be soaked with mud.

With water sitting in the bays along both sides, I began to think that I may have put myself in a dangerous situation because the critters will crawl to drier land.

As quiet as I tried to be, the squishing sounds of my steps sent an alert to any living creature nearby.

The first to join me is a slowpoke turtle. He was not moved by my approach. Because the trails are often used for recreational vehicle use I lifted him up and placed him to the side. Hopefully, I kept him safe for another day.

Land turtle

It’s a good idea to carry a big stick to shuffle the leaves ahead of your path. Some of the habitants camouflage into their surroundings. Suddenly, the moment of missing my boots stopped me in my tracks. By no means am I a snake expert but this fellow didn’t look like the well-known poisonous snakes that occasionally show up in my driveway or trashcan. We both froze for a second then he wiggled off on his merry way.

Still feeling a bit of the adrenalin that rushed through me I noticed a bright spot ahead. By this time I was ready to get back to human interaction. As I paused for a moment of thanks for the beautiful walk, I noticed the tree spirit that guided me through this little piece of Heaven on earth.

Tree spirit-legend says they are the faces of sailors lost at nearby seas

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