Penny Pinchers

Guyton Georgia-30 miles west of Savannah

Thrift store therapy has to be one of the best ways to lift a blue mood. Combine that with a day of unseasonable pleasant temperatures, and you know it’s going to be a good outing.

The small historic City of Guyton, during the Civil War era, was an affluent town if you take a walk down Central Avenue that is easy to see. The residents are fortunate to own a piece of history.

Century old home
Century old home

Antique and collectible shops, cafes, and a variety of others today welcome visitors with open doors.

Guyton old drug
Guyton old drug

Walking past Claudettes, once a Bed and Breakfast, I was lucky enough to catch her working in the yard.

1868 Historic home
1868 Historic Home

It has been years since I’ve seen her, and she quickly invited me to sit on the porch and chat.  Like old friends, we quickly came up to date on each other’s lives.


Reminiscing about the old days and her delicious buffet menu, I thought about the unique booklet she gave to her guests. She kept them on hand and offered me one.

Cross writing from the 1800's
Cross writing from the 1800’s

Notice that the business logo is placed on a letter written in 1876-1877.
This type of writing is called cross letters or cross writing. Similar in pattern to a criss-cross quilt.

Cross writing
Letters written with criss crossing the words during the 1800’s

During those years, the post office charged 2 pennies for a 1/2 ounce letter that included the envelope.  Postage was charged by weight.

I guess we could say that not much has changed.  Save a penny here, save a penny there, we still look for the bargains.

Thanks for coming along, I hope you are enjoying the scenes of coastal Georgia and South Carolina



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  1. I love these quaint places your visit and share with us. It is nice to be browsing in thrift stores as you will be surprised to find some old fun knick knacks. In today’s day and age, people hardly look at thrift shops as everything has to be new. This is true in my country.

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