The Corner Of Wharf and Bridge

Bluffton South Carolina

You don’t have to see it to know its there. The vines sweet fragrance alerts the senses before your eyes lay sight on its beauty.

Star jasmine, also referred to as confederate jasmine, is a fast-growing vine that blooms during the spring in South Carolina.

Confederate Jasmine
Confederate Jasmine

Even when the small star-like flowers are not in bloom, the deep green leaves create a good ground cover in the garden. The vine is also used to create privacy or a decorative touch.

Confederate jasmine
Front yard privacy with a decorative enclosure for the little free library

If you are walking along a road in coastal Carolina and pick up on the sweet scent, just look up 🙂

Cypress tree with spanish moss
Cypress tree draped with spanish moss and climbing jasmine

Wharf And Bridge Streets in Historic Bluffton South Carolina, one block to the May River

Wharf Street
Bridge and Wharf Streets


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all enjoy the scenery of coastal Georgia and South Carolina 🙂



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