Seahorse Way

A Walk in the neighborhood-Stay At Home Orders-State of South Carolina

It’s quite an interesting time.  Spring is in full bloom and the stay at home orders have my senses on high alert during my daily walk.  The beach is always a beautiful site but the sand and dunes can be difficult on windy days.

Folly Field Beach
Folly Field Beach South Carolina-

And you must keep your eyes on the ground because of the sea creatures that was ashore.

Jelly fish
Jelly fish

So , for today let’s head over to Seahorse Way

The social distancing is keeping folks from getting close and speaking to each other so many are taking to the streets with chalk to write messages.

Another neighbor paid tribute to the heroes in law enforcement and healthcare workers

This is one of my favorites,

Before I die
Before I die I want to …..

How would you answer?

Some fragrant flowers, the tulip opened up 🙂

With some of the homes being second residence and vacation rentals there are not many folks around

And here is Savannah’s “bird girl” ready for Easter and following CDC guide lines

Savannah's bird girl
Savannah’s bird girl following CDC guide lines

My wishes for all of you is to have a wonderful Easter week.  I hope you enjoy Coastal Georgia and South Carolina while visiting my site….it’s really “mermazing” here

Easter at the beach
Easter at the beach

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  1. Normally I can enjoy that kind of beach scene, Alice, but not for a little while now. People are being kind and thoughtful though. Starting to appreciate what we have. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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