Home Of The Periwinkle

Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park Observation Deck

Hilton Head Island South Carolina

South Carolina has more salt marsh than any other state in the eastern United States Being a natural habitat for many coastal creatures.  It is also an essential part of the world’s ecosystem.

salt marsh
Freedom Park on Hilton Head Island

Here is the information board showing the animals that live in the marsh.

The Salt Marsh Habitats
Salt marsh habitats of Fish Haul Creek

During low tide you can see the crabs crawling around and oyster shells on the surface.

Shells on the marsh
Shells on the marsh during low tide

The periwinkle is a kind of snail that stays close to the cordgrass that it can cling to if an enemy approaches.

Periwinkle in the cordgrass of the salt marsh

To get a closer look at the marsh birds, the scenic viewer is a big help

Egrets and herons on the marsh

They are free to roam as they please 🙂

Hope all are doing well, and I hope you are enjoying my photos of the beautiful coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina