Riding The Waves On A Bulldozer

Tybee Island Georgia

This week’s walk on the beach had the brakes put on it because of the work going on. A beach re-nourishment to restore erosion.  Pipes and equipment were in full motion this afternoon pumping in and leveling off the sand.

be re-nourishment
Tybee Island Georgia beach re-nourishment

Above average January temperatures brought visitors to the beach for an opportunity to watch the workers.  The birds had an eye out as well for fresh fish in the mounds of sand.

We kept wondering when one of the machines would get stuck.  The tide was moving in.

Bulldozers in the sand
Bulldozers leveling sand as the tide comes in

To get a few steps in we walked out onto the Tybee Island Pier.  It also gave us a better view of the project.

Ocean beach re-nourishment
The waves roll in and the wheels roll out

Tybee Island is a barrier island off the coast of the state of Georgia.  It’s a year round vacation destination with mild temperatures throughout the year.

And if you happen to find yourself heading that way, and you like to eat seafood you may want to check out the “Crab Shack”

Crab Shack
Seafood restaurant at Tybee Island Georgia


Thanks to Jo’s Monday Walks for keeping me moving 🙂

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