Amish Buggy

Lancaster Pennsylvania

Which Way photo challenge

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  1. Alice – Just a few comments here on your Amish Buggy Post. I live not but a half hour drive from Lancaster County where the Amish Buggy is a very common sight using the roads. I’ve seen these many, many times in my travels into Lancaster. There are 2 different types of Buggy’s. One is used by the Amish, and one is used by the Mennonite people. There is a difference between the two. One has rounded edges on the carriage, and the other has square. The Amish people did not have electric, but that may have changed over the years. Their carriages now require reflective stickers to they can be seen at night by other cars. They always travel off to the side of the road, but there have been some really bad accidents between them & cars in the past. Amish people don’t care to have their picture taken. Only from the back. If you’ve seen the Movie “Witness” starring Harrison Ford & Kelly McGinus it is pretty close to what they are. Covered Bridges are a disappearing thing from the past. Also, known as a “Kissing Bridge.”

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