Historic Church On The Bluff

The Church of the Cross

Bluffton South Carolina

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places the Church of the Cross has been a place of worship since 1857.  The Town of Bluffton located on the May River  is located between Savannah Georgia and Beaufort South Carolina.

The Church of the Cross-Architect E B. White
Pine Door
Pine wood exterior and door, rose colored glass mullioned windows
Church door handle
Handle of 1857 Church door

During the 1800’s Bluffton was a summer resort for local and inland planters.  It was also  a ferry stop between Savannah and Beaufort.

May River Bluff
May River Bluff South Carolina

The congregation continues to grow and repairs and restorations have been done through the years.



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  1. Wow! How beautiful old wooden church!

    I am “specialized” to shoot church photos. Why? Because I have found in them beauty, historic objects, like altars, bell towers, chandeliers and pulpits. Our most beautiful churches are on countryside. There is a curiosity with bell towers. Generally, bell towers are separated from churches and we have a reason for it.

    The most amazing things are unique poor-man statues.

    Thank you for this lovely post.

    Have a good day!

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