Rings, Rooms, and Water

Without warning, when we feel that life is a “cakewalk,” something or someone comes along that shifts us into the blues. My Grandma, who was a cheerful person, found herself in this way on a rare occasion. She came up with an idea to use a tracking system for the trigger. The idea was to purchase a mood ring. IMG_8217

She would keep a keen eye on it for any change of color. As it darkened along with her spirit, she noted what happened at that moment. As time went on it, it did not display a pattern. She gave in to an afternoon nap and the ring stayed a steady violet.


Being in a new love relationship gives a feeling of happiness night and day.  Everything seems to be in place. Life is beautiful.

To keep a happy and healthy feelingIMG_0069, grab yourself a bottle of the “funnest” water —

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No reason not to give it a try.

For many folks finding their happy place can easily shift a grumpy mood to a cheery mood, a sunny day at the beach is a good example of that. So it is not a surprise that
the NH hotel chain in their Berlin and Madrid locations has “The Mood Room“.

NH Hotel-Mood Room-/www.nh-hotels.com/highlights/mood-rooms

“The Mood Room™ is a tablet-controlled room that allows our guests to have the best of experiences during their stay, with the touch of their finger-tip. Thanks to its multiple pre-set modes you can enjoy an inimitable technological experience and transform the whole room from the palm of your hand to suit your mood.  Lights, music, curtains, heating and air conditioning can all be controlled at the touch of a button”  

To read more about this click here

Say hello to your room 🙂 in a fantastic hotel in Berlin.  Great location, great service


Good vibes being sent your hope to lift your mood





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