Six Weeks and Eight Hotels

Europe 2019

No matter how long you plan and how well prepared you think you are for travel, there’s always the “uh oh” that comes along.  My trip to Europe was part vacation and part babysitting duty for my  little bears that live in Bavaria, giving my daughter a much needed break.

My college age Grandson from Atlanta joined in on the fun mid way through my visit.  “Sweet E” my pastry chef daughter and him took off for a week together to tour Rome and  I stayed happily with my little bears that I co-parented for many years.

When they returned from Rome the “uh oh” happened.  My daughters new husband had his deployment cut short and was returning home.  Yikes!!!!  He’s not for me, so Grandson number one and I hit the road.

We got around by Flixbus, miles of walking, train, and rental car.

We had a big time visiting Berlin, Nuremberg, Strassbourg and one last week in Munich where we would catch our plane home to the states.

It’s always exciting to try the local food while traveling but after a while I start craving a home cooked meal.  Luckily, the hotel room had a mini bar fridge to keep things cool.  I made a menu and went to Edeka my favorite German grocery store to get some goodies.

For breakfast I served eggs (boiled in the coffee maker) chilled fruit, waffles and coffee with real creamer, not the powered stuff.


And just when we thought this is better than camping we noticed the full laundry bags sitting next to the door.  I spoke to the desk clerk about laundry service and he informed me that it would not be available until Monday. Three days to go, so I got to work quickly on cleaning our clothes.

Washing was simple enough.  I just filled the sink and soaking tub with hot water and added coconut fragranced shampoo.

Drying was a little more work.

It was a sunny breezy day so I opened the window and thought about putting the wet clothes over the chairs layered with towels.  That would probably take forever to dry.  Then I noticed the perfect clothesline. The landline phone and its long cord. I disconnected it from the handset and tied knot on each end. Then I hooked it to the window handles.


IMG_7961By the time we finished breakfast, washed the dishes, and updated facebook, our clothes were sparkling clean and dry.

Laundry problem solved.

Happy about not having a dry cleaning bill off we went, dressed in clean clothes and smelling like we just flew in from the Bahamas.

Happy travels friends


Just a quick tip to end this travelers note the Flixbus I spoke of is actually a nice choice of travel between cities in Germany.  It is more affordable than the train, comfortable and has wifi.  It does not run as often as the trains but for short distances its worth looking into.







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  1. What a great trip. I also use shampoo and the hotel sink as my laundry room. But I’ve never used the land line cord. I’ll have to keep that one up my sleeve for the future.

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