Breaking Up With Al

It’s been on my mind for some time now.  I want a change then I don’t.  I remember all the good times, and I know I should not let others interfere in our relationship.  We have weathered so many storms together, hurricanes, blizzards, and heat waves.  We have enjoyed the calm times.
Drinking coffee and listening to your voice in the morning during the years of getting my children off to school will always be fond memories.

Yesterday was the day, I did it.  I changed the channel on the television.
As I watched Straham and Sara instead of the Today Show, I realized that they are making me laugh and smile.  IMG_7377

I understand times change and it is obvious that the producers of your show have moved away from a broad audience and toward a targeted audience.
The first sign was when “Katie” and the other ladies of Today decide only to advocate for Women when it doesn’t affect their $60 million dollar contracts. Oh yes, they easily criticize men for what they feel is unfair treatment of women but still choose to sit next to Matt for all those years knowing what other co-hosts had endured.
And when Savannah  stares at a child from the Covington school during an interview with absolute hate trying her best to interrogate him, that was a real “wake up” call.
So goodbye to the episodes with cooking recipes, shopping deals, stories of goodwill, medical tips, and makeovers. Hello to a cable news channel platform.

I’ll miss you Al Roker, but the morning guides my attitude for the day, and I can’t watch the poker faces sitting next to you any longer.

My best wishes to you and all that is in “Your neck of the woods”




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