The Trainline

Weiden Germany

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.28.16 PMToday I bundled up to take the train for my scheduled appointment with the “oralchirurgie”   It was sunny out as I dressed up but I found out real quick that the afternoons cloud up and that’s when the rain comes.  I layered with two sweaters, a rain jacket, and I twisted my minnnie-mouse scarf like a noodle to put around my neck.


I have to admit  I was quite nervous.  I have never visited a Doctor outside of my home country before. I’m happy to say everyone was very nice and the office was bright and comfortable.  Even with the language difference we easily got through the appointment.   Also,  the Doctor suggested waiting to do any further procedure at this time.  Like me, she is hopeful the sensitivity will go away.  We discussed medications in the event the problem tooth will need to be extracted and I was surprised that anti-biotics are not used, as they commonly are in the US.
Overall, I am relieved for today, it has been such a mess traveling with this worry.  They assured me if things changed they could take me quickly and give me reasonable treatment options at that time.

Afterwards, I stopped for lunch at a fish restaurantScreen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.34.00 PM that had folks lined up at the take-out window.  I ordered a fish fillet with a side of  small gold potatoes.





Then I browsed around before catching the train back to my daughters “Sweet E, the pastry chef” house.

So as of today, I have not driven a car in Germany.  The train station is less five minutes away and it is so easy to use so I think I’ll stick with it.

Happy Trails 🙂