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Historic Effingham Museum

Formerly the “old jail” and Sheriff’s living quarters

Located across the street from the Old Effingham County Courthouse, is the Effingham Museum opened in 1994.  The gracious staff gave me a tour this week as busy as they were preparing for the Olde Effingham Festival this  Saturday, April 13th from 9am-5Pm.

Amazed at the collection of artifacts and the work that is being done to preserve the history of a community, two thoughts came to mind.

First, how have they been able to put so much good stuff in this modest two-story building?

My second thought was, “where did the Sheriff find room to fit the weekend crowd”?

The museum is open Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm

For alternate times and information please call 912-754-2170

Friends you will not be disappointed!  While there you can visit the Historic Courthouse and the Living History Site

I 95 Travelers exit 109 in Georgia

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You can never learn too much 🙂




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  1. You are correct. Small towns do tend to cram a truckload of memorabilia into an impossible space. Second, I wonder if the sheriff used an open door policy for the frequent visitors to his cells? 🙂

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